Sunday, June 19, 2011


Let me tell you about Richie.

He looks about 40-45.

He has crazy bushy hair, peppered with gray.

He's nuts.

Always with a stained or torn vintage rock and roll t-shirt on.

Numerous gold chains around his neck. Nicotine stains on his ringed fingers.

He rolls his own smokes.

He loves classic rock and roll and is very knowledgable about it.

When he shops with me he asks what everything costs (even though everything has a price tag on it)

He's very random.

He's a pain in the neck...but very charming. (always with the smile)

When he first started shopping with me we would always exchange 'soul handshakes' in spite of his whiteness. (My OCD took over and now we fist-bump)

Last week Richie wanted to return a $295.00 item that he bought three years ago. He still had the receipt. (I didn't want it back with it now being covered in nicotine stains)

I think he is on some type of state program (he certainly doesn't work)


Do you have a good picture of Richie in your head?

Richie came in yesteday, a Stevie Ray Vaughan song was playing on the radio.

The shop was empty.

Richie started singing along with the song. Not like Stevie Ray.

Richie might have the best singing voice I've ever in my life heard.

He just kept belting out the song. Smiling as he sang.

I looked at him stunned.

I told him he was incredible and should at least try out for American Idol or one of those types of shows.

He said he just likes to sing for himself.

I'm plan on riding his ripped up Bob Segar T-shirt to untold millions.

(And he thanked me for not allowing the return the previous week as he ended up getting the money somewhere else)


Beatles said...

Eleanor Richie

Perry Como said...

Our Richie's name is Robert.

When we carried vinyl, he'd come in every few weeks, take all the records out of their sleeves and put them back in, ensuring that the labels were perfectly straight, and that the "A" side was next to the front of the sleeve, the "B" side next to the back.

He's been looking for some Pretty Things LP for 27 years now.
If he was dead his rotting corpse wouldn't even make good worm food.

Cake not signed in said...

I totally thought you had Keith Richards in your store for the first bit of this blog...except for the "looks 40- 45" bit, of course.