Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Fire Inspection

Once a year the fire department does an inspection of my store.

This year they told me that the area near the back door needed to be cleaned out.

Here is the conversation:

SPARKY: "...and you'll need to clean out this area here."

ME: "Why?"

SPARKY: "Because it's a marked exit and people have to be able to get thru in case of a fire."

ME: "Geez...I really don't have any place to put this stuff."

SPARKY: "It's a finable offense."

ME: "How about I move it just when the fire starts?"

SPARKY: "Do you have any Shogun Warriors?"


Cake not signed in said...

So to sum up:

You're a hoarder?

Someone said...

Nice swap!
You lead a charmed life...

Crispy the Clown said...

Changing the store name to IANO's Triangle Shirtwaist Outlet, are you?