Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Murder of Horses

So in the shop I have a bunch of toy horses that I bought from a gal.

The other day a woman from the Middle East came in and commented on the horses.

Here is that conversation (Read it with her accent):

MIDDLE EAST GAL: "Hello...could you tell me how much for the horse in the window?"

ME: "That is $14.95."

MIDDLE EAST GAL: "Where are your camels?"

ME: "I don't have any camels."

MIDDLE EAST GAL: :::dumbfounded::: "Really?"


1 comment:

Tonedeaf in Office Land said...

Hoooow much for that caaamel in the window, the one with the waaggily tail, I do hoooope that camel's for sale.

Or something.