Thursday, October 13, 2011

And the award goes to....LOIS!

You know Lois.

She used to hang out here with us.

Every week she comes into my shop to buy her goodies.

Usually she brings her kids (maniacs)

Her kids (maniacs) are a blast. They amuse me.

And they are very fun to tease.

Lois teases them into submission every week.

The oldest boy is maybe 8 years old. Quiet. Polite. Charming. Smart.

The youngest is nuts. Charming quiet polite and smart. Did I mention nuts?

So anyhow, why does Lois win Mom of The Year once again?

Yesterday she brought the kids in and the five year old was singing the classic AC/DC song Highway to Hell.

And not much more in life is cooler than a Five year old maniac singing Highway to Hell by AC/DC.


AC/Beatles said...

Highway To Hellow Goodbye

Get Back in Black

When I'm Sixty For Those About To Rock

Pierre LeBlanc said...

I knew Lois. Lois Penzanda.
Her Husband coached my kid's little league baseball team.
Lois came to every game with home-made cookies and cupcakes for after.
Sometimes she'd even bring enough for the other team too. And parents.
Lois was a great mom.

Does your Lois have a alley behind her house?
Do you call it Lois' Lane?