Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frannie=Keith Richards looking dude. Quasi-homeless.

FRANNIE: "I'd didn't expect you to be open so early."

ME: "So why did you come here so early?"

FRANNIE: "I was hoping you'd be open."

ME: "What if I wasn't?"

FRANNIE: "I'd probably be standing outside."

ME: "Probably?"


Cake not signed in said...

Other alternatives:

1) He'd be sleeping in the dumpster out back.

2) He'd be lurking and waiting to jump you (no, not like that) and steal your car.

3) He'd have smashed your front window and be sitting up on your counter.

4) He'd be home in his mansion, enjoying the fact that everyone thinks he's quasi-homeless.

5) He'd be hanging out with Jagger.

So to sum up:

I got nuffin' but it took me 5 points to realize that.

Carry on, nothing to see here.

The Exhausted Beatles said...

We got nuffin' either.

Probably the Beatles said...

She Probably Would Have Come In Through The Bathroom Window.

Probably not the Beatles said...


Mr.End-Of-The-Line said...


Usually yer the tahd said...

I don't get that last comment.

Wally Coxtard said...

Ever notice how many of IANO's subjects just seem to hit the wall and stop after comment #4?