Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's always funnier when they drop the Gs

WIFEY: ::laughter::

ME: "What's so funny?"

WIFEY: "You were whistlin'"

ME: "I wasn't "whistlin'"."

WIFEY: "You were whistlin'!"

ME: "You're off your rocker."

WIFEY: "You were just layin' there whistlin'."

ME: "Why on earth would I be whistlin'?"

WIFEY: "You whistle."

ME: "You're nuts."


Someone else said...

Unintentional whistlin' is the first sign of senility...

Cake said...

What tune were you whistlin'?

A wonderin' whistler said...

was it one of these?

The Gypsy Rover said...

So- did you win the heart of the lady?