Thursday, October 06, 2011

Our Newest Feature: Steve Jobs Jokes

Q: How can we view Steve's body in the coffin?

A: Slide to unlock.


"I applied at Apple but they said they have no Jobs left."


I blame Obama for the lack of Jobs.


I was going to tell 5 Steve Jobs jokes but I decided on only 4s instead.


Anonymous said...

When most people die, they see their life flash before their eyes.
It didn't for Steve Jobs; Apple doesn't support Flash.

Beatles said...

Happiness is a Warm i-Pad

When I'm 64 Terabytes

Steven Jobbers Lonely Pancreas' Club Band

Bettah Beatles said...

Twist and Slide

I Wanna Hold Your Pad (hmm...eww?)

Eight Apps a Week

More Beatles said...

She's Got an iTicket to Ride

Glass Apple

Let iTunes Be

One more said...

EBook Writer