Saturday, October 15, 2011

A black guy walks into a bar (and other observations)

Chinese guy tripped on curb.

Latino woman had the wind blow up her skirt (not pleasant)

Latino guy and his son got matching haircuts.

Soviet guy bought a Three Stooges Monopoly game for his son.

African American woman loved Gumby and Pokey.

Small Pakistani man walks funny.

Black guy wearing a Celtics t-shirt

White guy wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt.

Nazi on a loud motorcycle.

Not a good color, LaQuisha.

Indian men talking in loud annoying voices (but in a strange happy manner)

Mexican with his stereo up way too loud.

Pakistani trucker loves him some horn.

All races ignoring car alarm.

Ladies from Central America love their jeans one size too small.


Racist Beatles said...

Old Brown Jew

Let It Be A Swedish Girl

I'll Follow The Sunni

Slant-Eyed Submarine

Fixing a Pollock

Drive My Lowrider


Get Black

A hot white chick said...

Can you give me your discount?

Unclear on this post said...

So to sum up:

You're gay for black guys?