Friday, January 05, 2007

The Subway Hero

Subway Hero. Subway Hero. Subway Hero.

That's all I've heard all week. Every news show. Subway Hero. Subway Hero. Subway Hero.

Regis. Letterman. The Today Show. Good Morning America. Subway Hero. Subway Hero. Subway Hero. Local news. The View. Jimmy Kimmel. Conan. Leno. Subway Hero. Subway Hero. Subway Hero.

Every newspaper. The Globe. Herald. NY Daily News. The NY Post. The Subway Hero.

I'm sick of hearing about the freakin' Subway Hero.

I have a pal named Hoagy and I eat the steak n' cheese at D'Angelo's....what the heck do I need with some stupid Subway Hero?


Not Phil Donohue's Niece said...

mmmm....deli meat

Lois Lane said...

So how long do you think it will be before Subway restaurants ditches that Jared loser and hires the Subway Hero to be its new spokesman?

"Hi! I'm the Subway Hero. Come on in to Subway and eat me!"

Horroru said...

To me, Bernard Getts will always be the true Subway hero...

cake said...


The President of Subway just sat bolt upright in his chair with a lightbulb over his head and yelled "EUREKA!"

(Jared drives me mental...can't we send him off to some third world country or something with a load of sandwiches?)

Lois Lane said...


I'm with you. I say we lock him in a subway car filled with french fries and Big Macs.

And good to know captains of industry read IANO. Hello, Mr Trump. You look lovely today.

Anonymous said...


Kill your television. Seriously. You'll be happier for it. You can always bring it back, Lazarus-like, in a few days.

-- Lamont Cranston

P.S. If you don't want to actually kill your television, you can always use the next three days to empty out your Netflix queue.

cousin saul said...

Dear cousin,
Either I know you too well, or today's blog was just lame...I knew where you were headed with this one once I read the title. Shame, are much funnier than this.

cake said...

Cousin Saul:

The term you're looking for is "phoning it in."

Though I have to disagree; any blog that works in a Hoagy joke is funny in my books!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Dear Cousin Saul,

Douc...errrr....I mean comedy aint easy.

You're just jealous that I have a submarine sandwich for a buddy....and you dear Yorrick, just have me.

Jenny Piccolo said...

"I'd like a Subway Hero with enourmous Balls"