Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More fun on the Massachusetts Turnpike

A while ago I'm driving home on the Pike when I look over to my left and there is this car with two pretty gals in it. Nothing strange so far.

But then I notice the gal in the passenger seat is smelling her own armpit and I burst out laughing. And at that exact moment she looks at me and knows she just got caught whiffin' her own pits.

I'm dying laughing and she's every shade of red.

So I drive ahead....and then a few moments later they pass me (everyone is laughing now) and then I pass them, and then they pass me, and on and on.

And then I realize I must at least try to one up them.

I drive up beside them, I slip off my shoe and hold it to my nose and mouth like a face mask and start a sniffin'. All like it was the most normal thing in the world.

It sure made the drive home faster.

The inside of my shoe smelled like Yankee stank. I'm guessing her armpit smelled like Posada. Or maybe Jeter.


Anonymous said...

Jamba Juice burns when it comes out of your nose!!
Your sooooo fricken funny!!

cake said...

All of a sudden, your blog of a few weeks ago about almost having a car accident...well, it suddenly makes a lot more sense. If you're driving around with a shoe on your face, you're bound to have some close calls.

Lois Lane said...

Remember kids..if you want to smell your shoes, pull over to the side of the road.

Or, get one of those new funky hands-free WIFI shoe smelling gizmos.

This has been a public service announcment.

maddog said...

..or you were giving your best Maxwell Smart impression.

Anonymous said...

it smelled like heinie....I mean Hymie.

cake said...

Something only Bacon Ace could love.

bacon ace said...

Oh MY GOD! Cake, that is awesome.