Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Plump and Smooth

You think this is gonna be dirty, huh?

Well....it aint. It's about Avon's new product Plump and Smooth.

It's some kinda lip thing that makes a woman's (or Hoagy's) lips Plump and Smooth. Now in and of themselves, plump and smooth aint a bad thing when it comes to lips (though not Hoags)....but is Avon really so out of creative marketing people that they couldn't come up with a better name?

Plump and Smooth.

What if other companies came up with literal names for their products?

1. McDonalds: Flat and fried.

2. Warner Bros. Long and Tedious

3. I AINT NO OPRAH : Hitler and Hoag

4. Chrysler: Sucky Transmissions

5. Microsoft: Blue Screen

You get the idea.

Plump and Smooth.


Who even knew AVON was still in business? The Fuller Brush Man?


cake said...

6) Dunkin Donuts: Holes, Sugar, and Caffeine

7) Baseball: Base and ball (oh, wait...)

8) Canadian Army: Guy and a Gun

9) Swiss Army: Guy, Gun, and No Map

cake said...

Yes, I realize "baseball" isn't actually a company...but I was going to use "Red Sox" and I figured that might get me banned from the blog.

inooprahaint said...

Taco Bell = Salsa in a Half Shell

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Now I want tacos.

Plump and smooth tacos.

noiaintoprah said...

Sorry, I ate them all.