Monday, March 12, 2007


So yesterday I had this big pot roast dinner with gobs of mashed potatoes n' gravy. At some point I spilled the gravy on my white t-shirt.

I then had two choices.

1. Change my shirt and be a human.


2. Leave the gravy splattered shirt on to remind myself what a great cook my wife is.

(Actually I had a third choice...but it involved ice picks, kittens ,and soylant green.)

Not only did I leave the gravy splattered shirt on, but I slept with it on.

So I could dream about what a great cook my wife is.


I have no life said...

1. Sympathy For the Gravy

2. When The Whipped Potatoes Come Down.

3. If You Can't Slop Me.

4. It's Only Spuds & Gravy (but I like it)

Lois Lane said...

5. Brown Gravy

6. Mixed Vegetables

7. (I Can't Get No) Second Helpings

cake said...

8. Anybody Seen My Gravy?

9. Jumpin' Jack Mash

10. Ain't Too Proud to Beg (For Pot Roast)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the overeating/upset stomach set:

8. Beast of Burnin'

9. Gimmie Seltzer

10. 2000 (lb.) Man

11. Coming Up Again

12. Far Away Thighs

13. It's Only Rock-Hard Rolls

-- Lamont Cranston

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Some Gruel(s)

Mashed You

Roast This Joint

Out Of Rolls

Mashed Potatoes From Turner

Let's Mash These 'Taters Together

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I Wanna Be Your Meat.

If You Can't Roast Me

Emotional Roast You

Roast Beef of Burden

cake said...

Can't Ya Hear Me Mashin'

I Just Want to Make Gravy With You

cake said...

And after dinner...

This Plate is Empty

Lois Lane said...

And for the fast food set....

Faraway Fries

Happy (Meals)

Anonymous said...

I want Faraway Fries!

Sympathy for the Harp Seal said...

Under My Spud
Gimme Butter
Gravy Boat Women
Sister MoreCream
When the Whisk Comes Down

Happiness is a Warm Spud

Keef! Keef! said...

Country Fried Honk

Little Red Rooster w/gravy

Dirty Wok

Harlem Souffle

Jivin' Sister Candied Yams

Mother's Little Hamburger Helper

Sweet Black Angus

Meat Fighting Man

Short and Curly Fries

Brian Jones' Sitar said...

Can't Ya Hear Me Mashin'?

Fool To Fry

She's A Grilled Rainbow Trout

cake said...

Thanks to this blog, I had to have mashed potatoes and gravy with my dinner.

Damn IANO!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't eat gravy at 11:30 at night....goes right to the thighs.

cake said...

In Canada, we eat dinner at around 7pm, loo-za.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Did it go to your thighs anyhow?

cake said...

In Canada, we all have naturally slender thighs...they repel gravy, junk food, and dessert.