Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Sunset

So last night I'm driving home, going west, and I notice dozens of different hues of red, orange, pink all intertwined with wispy clouds against a darkening blue sky. I was in awe. I was seeing one of the finest sunsets of all time and got real excited!

Really, really excited.

I quickly called home and asked for my 17 year old daughter and told her to grab her camera and take some pictures of this truly jaw dropping work of nature.

She kinda giggled.

At that exact point in time I knew I was woman trapped in a mans body.


cake said...

Your slip is showing, Miss NoOprah.

Ray Bones said...

They say the fucking smog is the fucking reason you have such beautiful fucking sunsets.

Capri Sale at Target! Race Ya! said...

There's a fine dirty joke to be made here, but I'm doggone if I know how to assemble it and share it with the class. Oh, well.

maddog said...


cake said...

I love that lipstick on you, Miss NoOprah, is that from the new Avon collection?

Anonymous said...

Plump n' Smooth

bostongraf said...

Does that mean that you could grow man-boobs and actually get turned on by them?

cake said...

Dear NoOprah:

Please don't answer bostongraf's question...I really don't want to know.



bacon ace said...

"Does that mean that you could grow man-boobs and actually get turned on by them?"

I think the real question is if he did grow man-boobs would it turn YOU on?

Manziere said...

It all depends on cups--the cup size and # of cups of alcohol consumed.

Many men tend to be, uh, touchy about the topic of man-boobs. First, they say, "I don't have them!" Then they say, "If I DID have them, they'd be perfect!"

cake said...

I heard Hoagy offered to go with NoOprah to pick out a nice new training bra, if/when he grows some man-boobs. I guess that's what friends are for!

Jane Russell said...

Dear Noopie,

It takes you a very, very, very long time to drive home. I'm glad you adhere to the speed limit. But, dude, after all these days you're still driving home. In your training manziere.

Jane Russell