Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chupacabra Week. My turn

I've resisted this 'Chupacabra week' all week.

Why? Because I'm a leader not a follower, that's why. And I aint got nothing for Chupacabra Week.

But here goes anyhow...


ME: "So how's things?"

Chupacabra: ::silence::

ME: "What's you favorite Rolling Stones album?"

Chupacabra: "Goat's Head Soup."

ME: "What kinda car do you drive?"

Chupacabra: "1967 GTO."

ME: "Do you have a favorite fairy tale?"

Chupacabra: "Yes....The Three Billy Goats Gruff."

ME: "Favorite campfire song?"

Chupacabra: "Bill Grogan's Goat."

ME: "Do you have a favorite wine?"

Chupacabra: "Yup....Coates Du Rhone."

ME. "What do you like on your salads?"

Chupacabra: "Cukes, mushrooms, a little goats cheese."

ME: "Who is your favorite Super-Hero?"

Chupacabra: "The Goddamn Batman."


Sparkle Plenty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sparkle Plenty said...

A chupacabra ate my comment.
To sum up: FUNNY!!!

Redbeard76 said...

So to sum up:

IANO is phoning it in for the rest of Chupacabra week. Boo!

Lois Lane said...

To sum up:

IANO's got the Chupacabra Fever!

Redbeard76 said...

And the only cure is more cowbell!

bacon ace said...

Would that be goatbell?

Redbeard76 said...

Goat bell is the place where they sell fake Mexican food where sour cream shoots out of caulking guns and occasionally give away free tacos when great baseball teams succeed to chupacabras.

Now, everything makes sense.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I wanna change the last answer:

ME: "Who is your favorite Super-Hero?"

CHUPACABRA: "The Goatdamn Batman."

bacon ace said...

That sounds like a magical happy land.

cake said...

You're very brave to interview a chupacapra...glad you didn't wear your Furry goat costume today!

cake said...


He's not denying actually owning a Furry goat costume.

Suddenly I'm a little worried about him...

cousin saul said...

Now, suddenly, you're worried about him? My gosh...we've been worried about him for years!

Tex said...

Is the Chupacabra from Chicago?

Trou de air from de nort' countree said...

What's your favorite photo of Nophra?

The Goatse one.