Monday, December 10, 2007

Do You Dream In Chocolate?

That's been the tag line on a new commercial lately. And well, yes, I do dream in chocolate.

I'm not trying to be funny. I dream of chocolate fairly often. I have no idea what it means. Nor do I care. I'm dreamin' about chocolate.

So anyhow, the other night I'm at Boston Market getting some dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, fresh green beans, and corn bread) and I notice all of the employees are wearing shirts with the Boston Market logo on them. They look pretty nice. Professional.

So the worker gal at the counter turns around and on the back of her company shirt it says:


And I just looked at her.

What kinda retard would dream about spinach? Other than Popeye?

All the foods in the world and this broad is dreaming about spinach?? She might dream about spinach, but from the looks of her, she doesn't eat a lot of it. She looked like a chocolate eater. A lot of chocolate.

Point of the story?

I wish Boston Market sold chocolate.


Lois Lane said...

Okay. I could understand a Boston Market shirt that said "I dream of mashed potatoes," because mashed potatoes are awesome and they sell mashed potatoes.

But spinach? No. Spinach is not awesome.

I think every store on earth should sell chocolate.

And mashed potatoes.

bacon ace said...

Didn't spinach try to kill everyone like a year ago? How soon they forget.

BTW I think I know what your dreams mean:

"Brown Sugar
How come you taste so good?"

cake said...

I'm proud to say that I quite frequently dream of dessert. I probably dream of dessert more than I actually EAT dessert (must preserve my girlish figure, after all)(shaddup).

And Canada outlawed vegetable, liver, and powdered milk dreams in the Inappropriate Dreams Content Act of 1972. It's true, look it up.

Redbeard76 said...

I dream in fried chicken. And Mac and Cheese.

A little NyQuil and I'm having food dreams tonight!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Wait? Did you say something about a dream? I had to stop reading after the first paragraph due to my rule about only listening to dreams for three seconds.

Redbeard76 said...

Someone spoke and I went into a dream... Ahhhhhhhhhh...

Tex said...

Quit hatin on Spinich. It makes Popeye strong and everyone knows spinich tastes better with olive oyl.

i dream of chocolate sprinkles

cake said...

I heard the news today, oh boy...

I Ain't No Oprah said...

What if the Beatles sang about chocolate?

cake said...

- Back in the C.O.C.O.A.
- Happiness is a Warm Ganache
- Melt Melt Me Do
- Savoy Truffle (no edit required)

Redbeard76 said...

-Chocolate Covered Strawberry Fields Forever
-All You Need is Lava Cake
-Mean Mr. Mousse

bacon ace said...

"Lucy's Chocolate Pie with Diamonds"

Sparkle Plenty said...

1) Devil in Her Cake!
2) Please Mr. Whitman!
3) With a Little Help from My Fudge!
4) Nougat Man!
5) Reesesolution 9!
6) Sexy Snickers!