Sunday, December 23, 2007

For Cousin Saul

He hates the Beatles game. So we're gonna do one just for him. Lots and lots of them. Just for him. In fact....this thread might just stay here until after Christmas.


1. All My Given

2. Can't Buy Me Gloves

3. Rock 'em Sock 'em Raccoons

4. Fixing a Noel

5. Happiness is a Warm ThrushBuster Gun

6. I Am The Hungry Hungry Hippo

7. Hey Food

8. Twister and Shout

9. Yellow Corgi Submarine

10. The Long and Winding Road to Nana's House (why do we even have to go??)

11. I Wanna Hold Your Hands Down

12. All Things Must Pass Go, All Things Must Collect $200.00

13. Mean Mr. Colonel Mustard, in the Dining Room, with the Candle Stick.

Merry Christmas


scrooge said...

PS I Re-Gifted You

Tiny tim said...

Maxwell's Bright Yellow Playskool Hammer

Leave My Pretty Little Pony Alone

another crappy gift said...

Norwegian Wooden Soldier

burl ives said...

Why Don't We Do It To Rudolph In The Road?

perry como said...

StrategoBerry Fields Forever

andy williams said...

The Ballad Of John and Uno

johnny Mathis said...

Spirograph Writer

worst gift ever said...

Magical Mistletoe Sore

Anonymous said...

Dear Figgy Prudence

love the spinner said...

A Day In The Game Of LIFE

Mortydajew said...

Dig a Reindeer
And Your Bird Can Carol
Drive My Sleigh
You've Got to Hide Your Gifts Away

Jayne said...

Help ! - I need some Pepto Bismol

cake said...

- Back in the S.A.U.L.
- Sexy Sauly
- I Saul Her Standing There
- Maxwell's Sauly Hammer
- Saul Came in Through the Bathroom Window




cake said...

- Long Tall Santa
- Santy in the Sky with Rudolph
- Please Mister Postman (Deliver Me Some Gifts)
- Old Brown Stocking

cake said...

- Rocky Reindeer
- He Came in Through the Chimney Flue
- Milk 'n Cookies (That's What I Want)

naughty kid said...

Twist and Pout

good kid said...

Wild Honey Wii

mommy said...

You Won't See Me (Kissing Santa Claus)

i love carols said...

Carol that Weight

Now yer just reaching said...

With a Little Help from the Sugarplum Fairy

Cousin Saul said...

Huh?...I got nothin'.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Here comes the Grinch, here comes the Grinch
And he's creepin' at night
Little darlin' it's been a long presentless Christmas
Little darlin' it feels like years since gifts been here
Here comes the Grinch, here comes the Grinch...

Oh, hang on! That's no Grinch--it's Cthulhu. Nevermind.

Tex said...

I'll be Stoned for Christmas