Friday, April 04, 2008

The Robot Burger King...Marty?

Did I imagine this?

Did I Have A Dream?

As if the Burger King king ain't creepy and scary enough, now they have Robot Burger King.

I'll call this king Marty, in honor of Martin Luther King who was "shot to death" 40 years ago today.

And everytime from this day forward when eating a Burger King burger I will think of Marty.

The Civil Rights Marty, not the robotic new Robot Burger King.

(I wonder when someone will shoot the Burger King?)


maddog said...

They're hopping on the Iron Man bandwagon.

cake said...

Robot Burger King!?

Thanks a lot, NoOprah, nightmares I will be having tonight, yes, I will.

And then blog about them tomorrow, will I. And long blog will it be...and sum up I will not.

Tex said...

what happened to johnny?

statin' the obvious said...

Wow, apparently this blog scared everyone off.


Marty said...

I sure as HELL would not usually recommend this, but:

Watch VH1 tomorrow night at 9:00...

Joe Doherty said...

The Hamburglar will be convicted of shooting the Burger King. Regicide!

summing everything up said...

What if the Beatles sang about Martin Luther King dining at Burger King and being frightened by the new robotic mascot?

- All You Need is Fries...HOLY CRAP, WHAT'S THAT!?
- I Wanna Hold Your Can of...AAAAH!
- Glass Onion Rings...what the hell?
- Burgering For the Bun-efit of Mister King (AAAH! ROBOT MONSTER!)

how lame is too lame? said...

Marty in the Fries with Dreaming?