Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Standing Ovation

Very strange.

I'm driving to work today on the Mass Pike and I notice a car pulled over with a guy standing next to it applauding. On the Mass Pike.

And then the more I drove the more I noticed more and more cars pulled over with the (I assume) drivers applauding while standing next to said cars. Dozens of cars.

At first.

So I'm thinking maybe the Red Sox are scheduled to drive by or maybe some soldiers or Obama or something. But there is no mention of it on the radio.

Maybe the marathon is early? Perhaps a parade?

Then I drive by the rest stop/ gas station thingy and now there are like hundreds of people there standing and applauding. And not really at anything in particular.

The closer I get to Boston the more cars are pulled over...on both sides of the Pike! Motorcades don't drive down both sides.

The Pike is now almost deserted of actual cars driving....everyone is on the sides and the lines are now two deep. It's starting to freak me out.

The applauding stays constant.

Finally it's time to get off the Pike and the off-ramp is now clogged with folks clapping and whistling and hooting and hollering!

And the Toll Guy is standing in front of his booth and waves me thru without paying! And he's clapping.

Very odd.

So now I'm driving on side streets to my shop. And guess what?

Folks are standing in front of their houses and clapping and hootin' and hollerin' I decide to start going down even smaller side streets to see if it ends.

It doesn't! Every little side road all the way to my shop has folks applauding and smiling and just whoopin' it up.

Finally I get to where I'm going. I park out back and walk around to the front.


All the shop owners and customers are lining the street as if a parade is coming by or something. Smiles everywhere!

But there is no parade. No police. None of the usual signs of anything unusal.

Virtually no traffic. Just folks clapping.

And clapping. And clapping.

Finally I just go up to the guy next door and ask him:

ME: "So what the heck is going on? Did we win a war or something? For the last twenty miles folks have just been screaming and clapping and having a good old time. What is going on?"

HIM: "It's 65 degrees out and the sun is shining! Rejoice my friend! The long winter of hell is over!"


PS: I made all that up. It didn't really happen.

It should have.


scoldy the kung-fu panda said...


Winter rules said...

I aint done yet.

cake said...

Okay, this was awesome.

Now if you'll excuse me...I have to go outside and do some applauding of my own cuz it's 37 degrees here!

Oh, wait.


coldy the kung-fu panda said...


bacon ace said...

OMG it's gorgeous out. I had to just get up and go for a walk to the diner for a cup of coffee and one hell of a grilled corn muffin swimming in butter. Life is good my friends (in Boston).

scoldy the canuckian panda said...


Joe Doherty said...

Happy birthday, HorrorU. Obviously Mother Nature gave you a hell of a great day. Damn, I forgot what warm days felt like.

scoldy the canuckian panda said...


Joe Doherty said...

::goes out to bask in the sunshine::

scoldy the canuckian panda said...

I said shaaaaaad...oh never mind.

::bursts into tears::

cousin saul said...

BBBrrrrrr....65 degrees? It must be a cold-front coming in...oh're referring to the weather up there?!'s sunny and in the mid-80s here today. I think I'll go to Disney World tomorrow....mmmmmmmmm

I hate this game said...

While My Hands Gently Clap

Why Don't We Do Some Clapping In The Road.


Happiness is a Warm Day

All Things Must Applaud

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this violate, in spirit if not in fact, the prohibition against dream sequences taking more than 45 seconds to describe?

Ah, sorry: I've been locked away in grand jury duty for the last three weeks -- with one more to go -- and I'm a bit punchy.

And we don't get to have jury duty outside. And our 23-seat room is stuffy.

Very, very stuffy.

-- Lamont "Hang 'Em High" Cranston