Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unpublished blog drafts

Usually when I write one of these blogs I do so right when I get into work before it gets busy.

But every so often I get interupted right off the bat and the blog never gets finished and I lose my whole train of thought.

A few weeks ago I deleted all of those drafts...or so I thought. Three of them I forgot to totally delete.

Here are their titles:

1. AAA

I have no clue whatsover as to what that was gonna be. Baseball? Auto clubs?

2. (untitled post)

Once again no clue. Normally I start with the title first. It makes it easier. But an untitled post could be just about anything. Hillary? Hitler? Hoag? Maybe a blog about food? Country Fried something or other?

and now #3

#3 had potential but looking back on it I have no idea what my train of thought was that day (5/23/07)

3. Beatle on Beatle Crime

I love the title! I'm sure it was a winner!

But I never finished it (or started it)

So guess what? You're gonna write my blog today.

50 words or less on Beatle on Beatle Crime.

Winner gets a prize. Possibly even from me.


cousin saul said...

Beatle on Beatle Crime:
John Lennon claiming in one of his songs that Paul MCCartney hadn't written anything good since "Yesterday." Ok...I guess he was I guess it's not really a "crime"'s just not very nice.

i ain't ain't no oprah said...

"Paul McCartney, recently much in the news for his high-profile separation from what's-her-name (let's be honest, we've all forgotten it by now), was taken into custody by London police yesterday after being found wandering drunk, stoned, and in the nude on Abbey Road.

If he sang about the experience, what would he say?

- All You Need is Bail
- Cuff, Cuff Me Do
- Limey in the Drunk Tank with Goosebumps
- Everyone's Got Something to Hide But me and my Privates
- Sexy Stoner

What else?"

Horroru said...

Beatle on Beatle Crime:
1. Ringo's playing (obvious)
2. John and Yoko (obvious)
3. Beetle Bailey (not so obvious)
4. This:

5. Nothing for #5
6. This is the greatest crime of all:

It's so terrible my ears are bleeding said...

David'Z RantZ said...

[From an unpublished late-1980 interview,]

Reporter: Paul, you're saying Apple Corps employees and hangers-on robbed the company blind?

Paul: Lots of instances of Beatles-related crimes, actually. "Stealing" Ringo from the Hurricanes, drug use, my new plan...

Reporter: Plan?

Paul: Well, I'm still pissed at John, so I've hired someone...

(DAMN! Sorry, that's fifty words. I'll have to cut the interview short.)

Jayne said...

Beatle crime is very bad, it is the worst sort of crime. Beatle crime is worse than incest and drinking sour milk. Heather Mills committed Beatle crime by wanting lots of money from a Beatle and having a wonky mouth. Beatles in the garden scare me.

The End.

Joe Doherty said...

I think I've gotta go with the whole "Lennon/McCartney" - "McCartney/Lennon" debacle that Sir Paul put forth a few years back. He had decided that the writing credits should be reversed on a number of tracks. Was this a bid to give his future ex more money, or did he just want to keep money away from Yoko's greedy little hands. I think I'll have to go with the latter.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Dear Joe D.,

Is the latter the first one or the second?

Or is that the former and or the second one?

Did Paul act on principal or on principle?

Joe Doherty said...

No O,

Yer making my head hurt! And not in the usual way.

Accept this except if you don't.

::goes back to sleep::

David'Z RantZ said...

A "latter" is what you use when you need help climbing up the side of a building. They're generally made of either wood or aluminum. (And "either wood," of course, is wood made from an either tree.)