Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Yard Work Princess

So last week was vacation week at school and my daughter got us a jump on spring yard work.

She edged. She mulched the front. She powerwashed the deck. She stained and waterproofed the deck. And general clean up.

But there was still work to be done. The whole back and sides needed mulch put down. Spring cleanup. And the lawn needed mowing.

But she felt she worked hard enough all week on her vacation so me and Wifey did the rest.

Numerous wheelbarrow loads later....

Wifey finished up her part.....I still had about a half hour to go.

When all of a sudden The YardWork Princess (Nazi? Vampire?) came out into the daylight and slowly sauntered around the house inspecting mine and Wifey's work!

She saw me out back. Lawnmower. Mulch. Rake.

Didn't wave.

Didn't say hello.

Just inspected. Random nods at our work. Slow stroll around the house. More nods.

Never a word.

Back inside house.

The point of the story?

I hope me and Wifey did a good job so we'll get hired again next year.


cake said...

I heard that you work for cookies... is that true?

And if it is, I have a fresh baked batch of chocolate chip ones if you'll do my yard next!



Joe Doherty said...

Dude, how lucky are you? Having a child that likes to do the yard work? Holy crap. Of course, I'm thrilled having two kids so I can send them out to shovel & rake someday.

mistress of her domain said...

Yard Work Princess,

I'm looking to hire some peons to do my yard work -- did you have to whip these two very much to get the work done?

Please advise!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Great story. Clearly, she is a very witty young woman with a highly-refined sense of humor--not to mention some mad landscaping skills. Must have gotten all of the above from your wife?

cake said...

::high-fives Sparkle::

doc nazi said...

I think we should get back to talking about how dark and inbred Austria is!

Jayne said...

I think we should all go to Austria for our holidays. It could be a laugh. Who will play Daddy?

sassy mccheekypants said...

"Wifey finished up her part.....I still had about a half hour to go."

To sum up: NoOprah is a slacker!

cake said...


I think asking any of the regular male bloggers around here to "play daddy" could only end badly.

Very, very badly.

Anonymous said...

This blog is terrible. I don't know why CNN still publishes it.

Anonymous said...

CNN still publishes this blog because CNN wants to upset you, Anonymous. I bet you could get back at CNN by not reading the blog. That would show CNN!

(Note: You could also stop going to the CNN Web site. That might help, too!)

Anonymous said...

Wait. If I'm Anonymous, then who's Anonymous? I'm confused. Maybe I'm Amnesia instead of Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous people are dorks!

Wait...oh crap.

Umm, never mind.

unanonymous said...

What if the Beatles sang about anonymous commenters?

- All You Need is a Name
- Nonameian Wood
- Eight Aliases a Week
- Mary My Dear...oh, wait...
- Being for the Benefit of a Nickname

Anonymous said...

Hey! Who you callin' a dork, dork? You wanna step outside, and--

Wait a second. YOU'RE anonymous? But, I'm anonymous. How many anonymice ARE there here?

So, I'm the Anonymous that works with Alcoholics Anonymous. Are you the Anonymous that works with Narcotics Anonymous? I've always wanted to meet you. I've heard you have great parties.

So, uh, anyway. Please forgive my earlier intemperance. Let's party! Where's the infrastructure?

anonymice said...

I Want To Withhold Your Name!
Twist and Lurk!
Paperback Pseudonymer!

Redbeard76 said...