Tuesday, April 06, 2010

25 Cold Mimes Die in West Virginia!

>>>ABCNEWS.COM) The West Virginia community rocked by a massive mime explosion that killed 25 people are holding onto fading hope that the four mimes believed to be trapped deep in in the mountainside will be found alive. <<<<<<

Lots of unanswered questions:

Why were they cold?

Why were they in West Virginia?

Why is anybody in West Virginia?

What can one possibly say to the family of a dead cold mime?

Any last words from any of these mimes?

When they put a dead mime in the casket, can anybody see the casket?

Does the funeral director put the mimes hands on the inside lid of said casket?

(Please see www.abcnews.com for the complete story)


Cake said...

Happy Easter!

Beetles said...

Imaginary Yellow Submarine

Eleanor Rigormortis

bacon ace said...

Would somebody please think of the cold mimer's daughter?