Friday, April 09, 2010

Yesterday was a joke, today is real.

So yesterday we made fun of what wasn't allowed to be said at The Masters.

Well, for the last two days I've read the Masters 'blog' shot by shot.

Here are actual things being said:

>>Woods bangs his<<

>>>Tiger takes full advantage<<<

>>Tiger could be staring at his first-ever<<<

>>That's not the first fortuitous bounce TW has received today<<<

>>That'll drop him back to 2-under<<

>>He has blisters on top of blisters<<

>>Woods drains his<<

>>just bounded off some mounds<<<

>>You have to think he would have taken that entering<<

>>Wow. We now have a four-way<<

>>Tiger just carded his first birdie<<<

>>Tiger's first hole in 144 days<<

>>Billy Payne gave Tiger Woods an earful yesterday<<<

>>>Vijay Singh's ball isn't yellow<<

>>Tiger yanks his<<<

>>Tiger makes a good bid to get inside 5<<

>>Tiger was less lucky, landing about 8<<

>>Tiger's group is hoping to make up<<

>>I'd love to see whether or not Woods can control himself down the stretch<<

>>the pairing I'd like to see most is Tiger/Watson<<

>>Look for Tiger to make his move right here<<

>>Tiger leaves his long<<<

>>Tiger's threesome will all have<<<

>>Tiger comparing himself to Hogan yesterday<<<

>>my Tiger-fever was stoked<<<

>>He popped a nippy little pitch-chip to a few inches, and tapped in<<

>>Tiger pulls his<<<


I love being mature.


At a loss for a clever name said...

Earlier today, I tried to tell a co-worker something serious about golf and couldn't get it out (!) because I was laughing too hard.

Golf is RUINED for me, it's official.

Sparkle Plenty said...

My challenge this weekend: Try to work the phrase "a nippy little pitch-chip" into a conversation. I will find a way. Oh, yes. I will.

Cake not signed in said...

Dipsy doodle!

Jiminy said...


paul howley said...

Here's a Cousin Saul mini-obituary:
Meinhardt Raabe, the actor who played the Munchkin Coroner, has died at the age of 94. In the movie of The Wizard of Oz he proclaimed that the Wicked Witch of The East was "really most sincerely dead."
In an unrelated story, Nancy Pelosi is alive and well.

movie fan said...

Mini obituaries are lame...we demand mini movie reviews!

Digging Tibbets in de nort' countree said...

This wouldn't have happened if Morris Jepson, famed memorobelia seller, was still around.