Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Wrap-Up

I don't think anybody said 'Happy Easter' to me. (Maybe Wifey did)

I don't think I said it to anyone. (I might have said it to Wifey)

I didn't get or give candy.

I didn't give or get a card.

I didn't see my kids.

I texted my kids. They didn't text back.

I didn't color eggs or see eggs. Or hide them or find them.

Not only didn't I go to church...I'm pretty sure I didn't even see a church.

For Easter Dinner I had Waffles and Sardines (I'm not making that up)

Waffles and Sardines sounds like a book Oprah would adore and promote.

Or maybe a punk band.

Or Peaches and Herbs when they get older.

Or of course, something.


A well-rested heathen said...

I said Happy Easter. You didn't say it back, though, so your second point is still right.

I got an Easter rabbit from my mother. It was hollow, though.

There are playing cards on the table, do those count?

I texted my ki-- no, wait, I don't have any.

There are eggs in my fridge if you want them.

What's "church"?

I had cheese and crackers for Easter dinner...your waffles win.

"Wonton Hussies" is a better punk band name.

That is all.

Cousin Saul said...

You COULD have come to my house for Easter festivities (but you weren't invited)...we already had 23 people at my home since Thursday...great fun with family! (just not you)

Cousin M said...

Thanks for asking me, Saul! I had a wicked awesome time. The desserts were pissah.

I'm glad IANO wasn't there, things are so much more fun without him.

Sparkle Plenty said...





On one plate?

In one belly?


mulderjoe said...

Blessed are the cheesemakers.