Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All that's missing is me wearing a dress.

So last night I watch American Idol. I talk about pitch. Changing it up. Making it your own. Outfits.

I put on a bra. Frilly underwear.

Made sure the dvr was set for a Lifetime movie.

Then I watched Glee.

I shaved my legs. I sat to pee.

I am a fem.

Or at least I was last night.

American Idol followed by Glee.

And I liked it.

A touch of lipstick.

And then Wifey went to bed...

The following is not made up:

I watched about thirty minutes of a World War Two movie on TCM.

Hair grew back on my legs (ok, ok...I made that part up)

And then I checked out my ON DEMAND menu.

And there it was!!

My manhood.

All nice and tidy, wrapped up in a sixteen minute Three Stooges short!

From man to woman to man again in two hours sixteen minutes!


The Three Stooges episode was the one where the crazy scientist wants to put Curly's brain inside of a gorilla.

Hijinx followed.


paul howley said...

I believe your story except for the part about you turning back into a man....

Cake said...

Hello, hello!

Smahtass said...

"Hair grew back on my legs (ok, ok...I made that part up)"

So the hair didn't really grow back?

Kathy said...

so, you're still wearing the bra and panties?

Probably not Hoag said...