Sunday, April 04, 2010

Two Gals, One Bench (no cup)

So yesterday was a great day. Sunny...maybe around 75 degrees or so.

I'm driving home and I cruise by this little park that has a bench facing the street (and real close to said street)

On this particular bench are two beautiful girls (women)...dressed normal (jeans and t-shirts) and they're just smiling and waving to everybody as they buzz by.

We make eye contact.

They wave.

I wave.

All of us are smiling.

And then it hit me!!

Two gorgeous gals should always be on a bench waving to me as I drive home!

Or something.


Cake said...

It's a chocolate zombie Jesus Easter miracle! Hallelujah!

Captain Jesus T. Kirk said...

Just because you don't like science fiction doesn't mean you have to make fun of those of us that do.

Just sayin' said...

I guess Jesus was wearing the red shirt on that particular away mission, huh...

God said...

Lock onto the crown of thorns and beam him up!