Friday, February 23, 2007

Back By Popular Demand

Because it's that time of year and you requested it I'm going to reprint last years


1. Oscar Madison (Best Friend of Felix Unger)

2. Oscar Wilde (Best Playwright of stuff I've never seen)

3. Oscar the Grouch (Best grouchy puppet thing that 'lives' in a trash can)

4. Oscar Gamble (Best 1970's ballplayer with a gigantic afro)

5. The Departed (best gangster movie without someone named Oscar in it)

6. Oscar Mayer (Best Weiner)

7. Oscar the dog from the Liberty Meadows comic strip (Best weiner weiner dog was just happy to be nominated...or scratched on the belly or something)

8. Oscar de La Renta (Best designer of clothes I would never wear)

9. Oscar de la Hoya (Best boxer)

10. Oscar Shindler (Best list maker)

11. Oscar Goldman (Best head of Bionics divison, OSI)

1 comment:

cake said...

That movie they made about Hoagy isn't nominated? Geez, I figured Joe Bubbler was a shoe-in...