Saturday, February 17, 2007

President Bush Day

Don't forget...Monday is President Bush day.

The whole country will be celebrating! Good food! Good wine! Children's games! Pie! Balloons!

Thank you President Bush for kickin' Iraqi ass, for keeping the economy buzzing along at a brisk pace, and clearing the brush at your ranch.

And thank you for keeping this country safe from more attacks that Bill Clinton didn't protect us from.


cake said...

"President Bush Day"?! I didn't realize we were still playing that game where you say sentences that've never been said before (and probably won't be). Cool.

Gazongalicious said...

Bush ...isn't that another word for PUSSY?

bacon ace said...

So wait, a person by the name of gazongalicious is advocating a day to celebrate pussy? I don't know this person but they're alright in my book.

Tex said...

so its President Pussy Day?? I vote for Vajayjay Day. Besides Bush couldnt find a pussy in a bush if he tried.

Anonymous said...

I think we should celebrate President Pussy Day by putting a pussy in the White House.

So who's it going to be:

-- Garfield
-- Hobbes
-- Frieda's Boneless Kitten
-- Fat Freddy's Cat
-- Krazy Kat

Any of these would be better than the current pussy...

-- Lamont Cranston

cake said...

Calvin for VP!

Anonymous said...

Calvin is a stuffed animal.

Mr. watterson said...

He's not, actually...but even if he was, being a stuffed animal isn't much of a problem for the current VP, is it?

clueless in the congo said...

Calvin is a real tiger?

cake said...

Dear IANO:

The retards are invading.



Google/Blogger said...

1) Outrageous, over-the-top celebration of accomplishments.
2) Struggles to express thoughts.
3) Loose grasp of "boundaries" leads to sticky situations. (German chick goosing, Iraq invasion)
4) Super-enthusiastic about a sport. (Biking, invasion of Iraq)

Bush qualifies for the Special Olympics!