Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My first baseball post.

I love baseball.

Lots of people love baseball. Lots of people hate baseball. Some folks say baseball is boring. It's because they don't understand it.

Some people love baseball and don't understand it....and that's fine.

When you understand baseball AND love it, that's the best of both worlds.

Now to me one of things I love about baseball is the numbers. The more you know and understand the numbers, the more you'll love baseball.

I'm gonna throw down some really basic baseball numbers and some of you will KNOW just what they mean and if you do the chances are you love baseball. If you don't know these numbers that doesn't mean you can't still love baseball....it just means you don't love it as much. Learn these numbers. They will make your life better. Loving Red Sox baseball will make it even that much better.





.300 30 100

20 (twice)












See? Those numbers brought a smile to folks that know what they mean. They looked boring to folks that don't.

Learn the numbers.

And then of course there is always a simple name that will bring a smile to your face.

Dave Roberts.

See? You smiled....didn't ya?


t said...

Numbers...I love the boys of baseball - now that brought a smile to my face :)

mrs. bacon ace said...

Yay! Baseball! Those numbers made me smile as much as Fever Pitch made me want to stab Jimmy Fallon in the face.

Google/Blogger said...

Numbers? All I know is names, Morty:

Who's on first
What's on second
I Don't Know's on third

I can even tell you Who signs the contract, and I'll tell you the Pitcher's name...Tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Steve Lyons. Calvin Schiraldi. Bob Stanley.

Yep, there are those names that just can't help but bring a smile to one's face...

-- Lamont Cranston

cake said...

Numbers and I don't get along very well...but this post still made me smile.

(It seemed blasphemous to post a smartass comment on your very first baseball post...so I'll save it for another day.)

Gazongalicious said...

I thought the only numbers that made any sense to you are




I Ain't No Oprah said...

Mrs Bacon Ace wants to stab Jimmy Fallon in the face, I now want to stab Lamont in the face.

Very yinnie/yangie.

maddog said...

..and while you're on the subject of red sox baseball

bucky f'in dent

nuff said

cake said...

Ooh Lamont. What have you done!

Anonymous said...

Violence is the last resort of the nincompoop.

I think Cousin Steve is just upset because I actually saw the 1986 World Series on TV.

Did I mention that I don't currently own a television set?

Here's another name that makes me smile: Aaron f'ing Boone.

-- Lamont Cranston

Cousin Saul said...

You REALLY don't own a TV set?! I own 6...I guess that fixes the average with you factored in. Why no TV? I know there's lots of crap on television but there are some GREAT TV shows too...

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Lamont has no eyes or ears so a TV is kinda useless to him.

If only TV shows were in braille...

"What would you like to touch tonight, Honey?"

JET said...

Yep. Smilin'. Good stuff.

Tex said...

if my smile gets any bigger...it'll be in Mexico

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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