Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thoughts on Anna Nicole Smith

1. I wonder if she had on diapers at the time of her death.

2. I wonder if she knew what astronauts were.

3. Did she ever play with the Police? I'm pretty sure she was the original drummer.

4. If you spell Anna Nicole Smith backwards is says Death at Thirty Nine. Weird,huh?

5. Fifteen letters in Anna Nicole Smith...fourteen in Lincoln and Kennedy combined. Weird, huh?

6. Abe Lincoln died at the hands of a man named Booth...Anna died nowhere near a man named Booth. Weird, huh?

7. Kennedy died near a grassy knoll. Anna never lived long enough to see an actual grassy knoll.

8. What the hell is a grassy knoll anyhow? A small grassy hill?

9. Anna was in love with a man named Howard Stern. The radio Howard Stern called her a big fat pig. He also called Ted Kennedy a big fat pig. So did I.

10. I think OJ did it.

Like the title states...Thoughts on Anna Nicole Smith.


Clinky said...

What did they find in her toxicology scan?

Niacin, Methanols

or maybe:

Cinnamon, Halites

motheragawd said...

Sometimes I don't know what the frig Clinky is talking about.

Thank god (s)he's cute.

cake said...

That's why x-ray vision is the best superpower!

KreeKore said...

Clinky is pumped filled with Niacin

korekree said...


Lois Lane said...


Clinky said...

It's an anagram.