Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cheese Danish

The Brits are pulling out of Iraq. The Yanks are adding more troops.

And I just found out there are 500 Danish troops in Iraq.

Blame Bush all you want....I'm blaming the Danish.

Danish Troops. I always figured that was a group of words never put together before. Danish Troops. Sounds like a stripper.

(Now I want a cheese danish)


rat said...

First post.

cake said...

Well, at least you can't blame the Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Damn Canadians.

cake said...

Cowardly anonymous Yank.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Dane. Or a Dutch, or Danish or something.

cake said...

Cowardly anonymous Danish.

Google/Blogger said...

The Danish have gotten away with merry heck for far too long. I say we declare war. Or at least wage International Fisticuffs.

In a related story, according to a highly scientific new formula (a stupid forwarded e-mail), nooprah's stripper name would be:
Montana Lusty Side.

Up with Doughnuts! Down with Danish!
Princess Dazzle Tush

Clinky said...

True Story:

Last year, when angry Muslims were up in arms about the Danish newspaper printing cartoons of Mohammed, in some Muslim countries they started calling Danish Pastries "Bisquits of Allah," or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

False Story:

Lithuanians are more skilled at songwriting than most suspect

Tex said...

ok according to my formula of one's strippers name, mine is "Sue LeDoux"

But typical of Brits, to pull before we're through.

and ive not really ever liked danishes anyway.