Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hit me with an anvil and call me Gramps.

I'm officially old.

An old man trapped in a young mans body.

This morning I drove at least ten miles on the Mass Turnpike with my left directional on.

I hope I die on the way home and spare everyone me soiling my jeans.

Unless I soil them with McDonalds apple that case I hope I live.

Cuz I want pie.


cake said...

Oh no, no no, yer not old...just retarded.

Anonymous said...

I want pi.


bostongraf said...

Heard someone talking to a parent about the kid's teeth. Kid is just losing her teeth, and she is taking a long time of it. The guy says "Oh, she's just dentally retarded."

I was the only one that laughed, but at least he nodded to let me know it was intentional!

Oh, and Pi rules. Excellent movie.

pie said...

I'm so much better than cake.

cake said...

HEY! I'm sittin' right here!