Monday, July 16, 2007

Imagine if the Beatles were baseball fans...

Back in the 1960s there was a popular rock and roll band in England called the Beatles.

Imagine if they were Americans and sang about baseball...THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN HUGE IN AMERICA!

Here are a few of their possible songs:

1. All My Glovin'

2. Back in The ALCS

3. Eleanor Remdawg

4. Let it Be Foul

5. Say Hey Jude!

6. Leave My Mitt Alone

7. Denny Laine

8. Eight Games a Week

9. The Ballad of John and Coco

10. The Long and Winding Dusty Rhodes

11. Why Don't We Do It On A Roadtrip

12. I Wanna Be Your Manny


cake said...

- And Your Third Baseman Can Sing
- The Fool on the Mound
- Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (no edit required)

cake said...

- Happiness is a Home Run

Anonymous said...

ticket to walk

Anonymous said...

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely All-Star Break?

bostongraf said...

-Wrigley Field Forever

ex mrs bacon ace said...

O-ka-ji, O-ka-ja
Dear Papelbon
Knuckleball Pitcher (sung to the tune of Paperback Writer)

ex mrs bacon ace said...

She Loves Youk

Lois Lane said...

Yellow Sky Box

Maxwell's Silver Batter

Anonymous said...

Manny (That's What I Want)
Dear Papi
We Can Strike ‘Em Out
Nowhere Yank
I Wanna Hold Your Bat
I Saw Him Stealing Home

Myrtner Loy

cake said...

And Your Bat Can Swing

cookie monster said...

I'm Papi Just to Play With You

Help! said...


yankee fan said...

sexy steinie

Anonymous said...

Pitch 'em out! (sung to the tune of Twist and Shout)

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I Am The Wally

Anonymous said...

You're Going To Lose That Game

Myrtner Loy

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Grady Madonna

Anonymous said...

Yellow Submarine Pitch

Anonymous said...

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except me and my Manny

Anonymous said...

When I'm .640

Anonymous said...

Sexy Steinie...FUNNY!

Keep Your Hands Off My Batboy
I'm A Loser (Yankees Theme Song)
The Ballad of Joe and Yogi
(Mr.) Octoberus's Garden
Babe-y You're A Ruth Man

Myrtner Loy

clumsy player said...

Dugout Tripper

kit keller said...

She's Stealing Home

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Baby You're a Pitch Man.

A Hard Day's Night Doubleheader

Denny Doyle said...


Hey BullDurham

wings intermission said...

Batter on the Run

now that's just silly said...

Pitcher Lane?

Anonymous said...

I've Just Seen a Base

i swear i ain't racist said...

Yellow Submarine Pitcher (would that be BK Kim?)

Anonymous said...

And The British Invasion Into Baseball Continues...

Wild Pitches
Nineteenth Nervous Strikeout
Sympathy for the Devilrays
Dedicated Follower of Flyballs
Who'll Be Next On Deck
Won't Get Fouled Again
Babe Ruth O'Reilly
Who RBI You
Too Much Yankee Business

Myrna "It's Only Base 'N Ball" Loy

i ain't racist either said...

Brown Slugger