Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NAACP buries the wrong word !!

So the other day the NAACP (National Association of African-American People) had a mock funeral and 'buried' the N-word. Really.

(I'm sure Whitey McPale dug it up three seconds later)

But anyhow...

The real word that should have been buried is:


The plural of mask.

Say it out loud....masks. Make sure you say the plural. Masks.

Notice at the end of the word you have that little skip that doesn't sound correct...the ska-ska sound?

I said say it out loud. Dumbest word ever. Ska-ska. It should flow like other plural words but it don't. Masks. Drives me nuts. Mask ska ska.

Where the heck is the NAACP (National Association of American Afirican-American Associated Society Of Non-White Colored Black Negroes) when you really need them.

Masks ska-ska.


cake said...

If you spell it the Canadian way, you avoid the extra "sk" sound at the's pretty cool, actually.

Anonymous said...

Just "masks?" she asks, as she basks with her casks.

Myrna "Seussasks Fifth Avenue" Loy

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Yes, just masks. The others don't have the ska-ska sound skip at the end.

Oh wait...they do!

We're gonna need a bigger boat...ummmm....graveyard.


cake said...

You might also wanna toss in a few other words with similar problems.

Wasps, rasps, gasps...

Anonymous said...

Hey, kids! With our handy new kit, you can make your own, "official" plural forms! For a whole lotta pennies, we will turn masks into mesk for you. As long as we're at it, we'll turn houses into hice for ya. Please send your check for $8,000 plus a SASE to:

Myrna "Words 'R Us" Loy
Elf Bench #9
Word Workshop

Anonymous said...

And what, exactly, is the posessive of "Nick and Nora Charles"?



Not that we should bury the Charles/Charles'/Charles's themselves... just come up with a suitable plural.



Are those casks flasks? Is basking with them a hobby, or one of your tasks, he asks.

-- Lamont "Ballad of the Thin Man" Cranston

Anonymous said...

Excellent question, Lamont! The following are all acceptable possessives for Nick and Nora Charles:
bathtub gin grinners'

For more answers, please send $6,500--plus a SASE--to address above!

Myrna "Thanks for Ask-ska-SKAin'" Loy

I Ain't No Oprah said...

>>>>>For more answers, please send $6,500--plus a SASE--<<<<<

Don't get SASE with me Bernaise....

Anonymous said...


Not to give away trade secrets, but I wanted to make sure you also included:

movers n martinishakers'

and, of course


-- Lamont "Looking Askaskance" Cranston

cake said...

"Don't get SASE with me Bernaise...."

10 min in the punalty box for that one, IANO.

Anonymous said...

Whoa...I didn't even know about those, Lamont! Cheers! *clink*

Confession: I lost my license to pun last year. I spun out of control across four lanes of fast-moving repartee. Parts of speech flew everywhere. It got ugly...some claimed it was a PUI, but really I just fell asleep at the spiel.

Myrna "Spoonerist" Loy

cake said...

"...really I just fell asleep at the spiel."

Into the punalty box with IANO, Myrna. And YOU'RE sitting the rest of the day out!

Anonymous said...

It's beyond punalty box, Cakie. I'm afraid I deserve the punitentiary.

Ouch! Ouch! Eek! Not the hair! Not the hair! I'll stop! I promise! I'm punitent...fully punitent! I mean, I've repunted! Oh, rats. Sorry. :-)

Myrna "Scofflaw" Loy

Spud said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!
How you feeling today???

Spud said...


ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!

Spud said...

OH NO!!!!!


cake said...

I suspect he's going to put his nose in the air and say something like, "pancakes made from mixes are not REAL PANCAKES!"

I betcha $1.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Pancakes made from mixes?

Pancakes are made from the loving hands of my wife.

bacon ace said...

Of course pancakes are made from mixes. That's not a formation found in nature.

The Specials said...

"the ska-ska sound"

What's wrong with the ska sound?

Anonymous said...

"Pancakes are made from the loving hands of my wife."


english beat said...

Hey good point! What is wrong with the ska sound??

Rude Boys said...

pick it up
pick it up
pick it up

selecter said...


cake said...

I see we've lost control of the blog to the ska crowd.

Spud: you owe me a dollar.

Spud said...


Cananian or American?

cake said...


US, of course...only make it one of those nice dollar coins, dollar bills are so last decade.