Monday, July 23, 2007

If I Had Three Wishes

First I wish for for $750,000.

No wait, make it $1,000.000

Wait, forget that.


"Your wishes have been granted."



I Ain't No Oprah said...

Did I just rip off every Warner Bros cartoon involving wish giving Genie and the whole three wishes scenario?


bostongraf said...

Why would you ever go for anything less than a cool billion?

People never dream big enough.

Anonymous said...

And then the Genie says, "But remember, anything you wish for, your enemy gets double."

And the man says, "All right, I want to be beaten half to death by the Hell's Angels."

* * * * *

A while back -- a LONG while back -- National Lampoon ran a "letter from the editors" about some guy who was given three wishes. Trick was, the Genie showed up when he was six.

Guy wished for all the candy in the world; a pony; and to meet the Lone Ranger.

So now he was 50, with no teeth, an incontinent horse he couldn't ride, and Clayton Moore's autograph.

-- Lamont "A tiny little bench and a 12-inch piano player" Cranston

cake said...

I'd just wish for infinite wishes.


genie said...

And now you get to say duh from now until infinity.

cake said...

I said infinite wishes, not infinite duhs.

Retarded genie.

Haley said...

ha thats funny