Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's make up a new catchphrase day today!

Not really.

But were gonna anyhow.

1. "It's like doin' the dishes!"

2. "I'll pops ya one!"

3. "The Alamo....that's all I'm sayin'"

4. "Ta-ta, Black Sheep."

5. "Coney Island Maniac!"

6. "Pig in a Blanket"

7. "He went all Captain Kirk"

8." Verizon be lie-zin !"

(That's all I've got)


Monsieur Scatol from de nort' countree said...

(Old version)
Great idea IANO!

(New version)
Booferistic, you dribbling asshole!

Anonymous said...

1. "Whaddaya mean, MY elephant?"

2. "I wouldn't, even with a shoehorn!"

3. "Bend forward, bend back -- does it really make a difference?"

4. "Some books peak at the byline."

5. "Sudoku? My auntie's anagram!"

6. "That is SO Moody Street!"

-- Lamont "No Clever Nickname Today" Cranston

cake said...

I looked at this and thought, "This game's as easy as kickin' chickens!"

And then I went dry.

Lois Lane said...

(from Jak-El:)

"Chicken nuggets!"

"Don't forget the paperclips!"

"HOT dog! Hot DOG! HOT DOG!"

"Ben smells stinky."

"He wants to break his teeth, doesn't he?"

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Cake's is the best so far...

"And then I went dry."

bacon ace said...
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bacon ace said...

"6. "That is SO Moody Street!"

OMG I've said that!

Ok how about:

1. Chin up Puddin'

2. Look officer, it's gravy

3. Retards is happy

the beatles said...

"He went all Maxwell Silver Hammer on me"

"She rocked my raccoon"

Aquaman said...

Birds gotta fly, fish gotta ride bicycles.

That's sticker than Grandma's gill salve, that is.

Oh, go glug yourself.

bacon ace said...

That's why hipness is the best superpower.

bostongraf said...

"Can't find THAT in a dog's ear!"

Cereal Killer said...

Can't live with em', can't fit their lifeless body in the trash compactor.

Anonymous said...

Well, if that don't blow the feathers off a goose!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

"Jam a ballpeen hammer in my eye and call me Shorty"

bostongraf said...

Overheard on some reality show:

"I'm gonna stab your ass in the eye with a pen"

fred said...


Anonymous said...

Hit me with a stick and call me sticky!

chewbacca said...


Anonymous said...

"Go ask Cantinflas." *shrug*

Moina Loy

Wish I were Lamont Cranston said...

1. Only in Candyland!
2. Now, that's a Post-It Note!
3. Well, saddle up the cat, grandma!
4. Don't forget the exclamation point!

late to the party said...

"Huh? When did this start?"

Anonymous said...

The winnah by a whiskah: "Well, saddle up the cat, grandma!"


Anonymous said...

Dear "Wish I Were Lamont Cranston"

I know how you feel. There are nights I wake from disturbing dreams and wish I could call my friend Lamont Cranston.

Then I wake up a little more, and I realize that I am Lamont Cranston, and a deep feeling of existential despair washes over me. It’s like being a Russian novelist with only one sheet of typing paper.

Usually a goblet of Bailey's Irish Cream and a stack of banana-and-chocolate-chip pancakes put things right. But not always, and those are the times that try a man's soul.

Oh, well, Saddle up the cat, grandma!

-- Lamont "When You Wish Upon A Tsar" Cranstonovich

Anonymous said...

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