Monday, August 27, 2007

Because you demanded it!

The Beatles Game now has it's own's over there on the right. Click the link.

And now back to IANO:

I'm having a nice grilled Rib-Eye Steak on Saturday and I notice on a bottle of A-1 Sauce that it proclaims 'used in 9 out of 10 steakhouses'

Sounds reasonable.

But then I think about it. And then I do the math.

So they basically are saying that 900 out of 1000 steakhouses use A-1 Sauce.

Which then means that 100 out of 1000 steakhouses DON'T use A-1 sauce???!!! That's just crazy. What kinda retard steakhouse wouldn't have A-1 Sauce??

Are their steaks just so good that NOBODY ever asks for A-1??


Dear Retard SteakHouses,

Get some A-1.

Everybody on Planet Earth


cake said...

The remaining 100 are in the northern tundra. They tried to import A-1 but it just kept freezing.

Or something.

A whole blog for the Beatles game? Get outta here! ::runs over to look::

Paul said...

Maybe they use B-1, or even A-2.

Anonymous said...

Or they make and bottle their own?

High-end steakhouses, as well as those that want to do a little direct mail marketing on the side, often do.

Not sure if Peter Lugar's steakhouse offers A-1 or not, but if I could find a vat large enough, I'd marinate myself in their house blend.

-- Lamont "Medium Rare" Cranston

rib-eye steak said...

100 out of 1000 steaks are allergic to A-1 sauce, you insensitive bastahd.

tree hugger said...

Maybe the other 100 are run by crazy vegetarians who only serve fake steak and fake A-1 steak sauce?

Lois Lane said...

" well as those that want to do a little direct mail marketing..."

You don't own a television, a cell phone or a car, and apparently, you don't go to the supermarket like a good American either, do you?

Mail order shopping. Loser.

peter lugar said...

Please stay out of our steak sauce.

Thank you.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Yaaay! breaks bottle of champagne over the hull of the Beatles Game Blog

I'd worry about the 9 out of 10 bottles of A-1 Sauce that contain insects and rat parts.