Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Well, it seems that Cuba Gooding Jr. has become very, very powerful...if not un-American.

According to CNN.COM ( he gets to choose the replacement for Fidel Castro.

He's also slated for work on Snow Dogs 2.

(Fidel Castro was not in Snow Dogs 1.)


Lois Lane said...

Show me the dictator!

Sparkle Plenty said...

When asked to comment, popular entertainer Desi Arnaz noted, "I am too busy at the club to serve as Comandante en Jefe--also too dead."

probably not young elvis said...

And here I was expecting today's blog to be about Ralph Nader! Just goes to show I don't know everything after all.

oscar said...

What? No picks for me??

I Ain't No Oprah said...

From March 3, 2006....My Oscar Picks:

1. Oscar Madison (Best Friend of Felix Unger)

2. Oscar Wilde (Best Playwright of stuff I've never seen)

3. Oscar the Grouch (Best grouchy puppet thing that 'lives' in a trash can)

4. Oscar Gamble (Best 1970's ballplayer witha gigantic afro)

5. Brokeback Mountain (Best Gay Cowboy Movie)

6. Oscar Mayer (Best Weiner)

7. Oscar the dog from the Liberty Meadows comic strip (Best weiner weiner dog was just happy to be nominated...or scratched on the belly or something)

8. Oscar de La Renta (Best designer of clothes I would never wear)

9. Oscar de la Hoya (Best boxer)

10. Oscar Shindler (Best list maker)

11. Oscar Goldman (Best head of Bionics divison, OSI)

oscar said...

Thank you.


Redbeard76 said...

Boyz N the Havana Hood.

Tex said...

\\Parliament likely to tap Raul Castro to lead Cuba//

since WHEN does an entire Parliament TAP a leader? and what is it called? a Parsome?