Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The new blog rules are in!

1. The 45 second retelling of a dream rule has been raised to 50 seconds.

2. Posting of YouTube videos is mailing it in.

3. Posting of YouTube videos over 1 minute long will not be watched to the end of said video.

4. Blogging is about getting to the point.

5. Hitler is always good for a blog when ya really have nothing to talk about. It's Hitler...what's not to love?

6. Movie reviews? Verbotten!

7. Food is always good for blog fodder. Mmmmmmm.....fodder! With brownies!

8. Calling me No Oprah is crazy...I'm Ain't No Oprah. Understand the math? Retards.

9. Using the words beauty and Hillary in the same sentence is forbidden...unless said sentence goes like this: 'That was a beauty of a rock thrown at Hillary.' Or something.

10. There is nothing for #10

11. When in doubt...BEATLES GAME!

12. Poofy shall only be used when talking about Hoagy's hair....never when discussing sexuality.

13. Did we mention Hitler?

14. Numbered lists are always cool for makes reading fun!

.......and a bunch of other rules I'll make up as you piss me off.


rules freak said...

1. Why Don't We Do It In The Rules

2. I Wanna Hold Your Poofy Hair

3. All YouTube Need Is Love

4. Hitler Skelter

5. Woof!

Spud said...

Hey, do you realize the last time was Friday, August 31, 2007?

Get with it!!!

comic book guy said...

Worst. Blog. Ever.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Worst blog ever??? I poured my heart and soul into this....for all of the 90 seconds it took to type.

It's new comics day...give me a break!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Get to the point, No Oprah.

No, excuse me, I was wrong there.

Get to the point, Blog Hitler.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Wait: "I'm Ain't No Oprah"?

If you're "Ain't No Oprah," why does it say "I Ain't No Oprah" in your banner?

You just lost all credibility as Blog Hitler. And I was about to follow all of the rules.

cake said...

Dear No Oprah:

I'll call you whatever I damn well feel like. Pfftttt.


And Hoagy is poofy.

cake said...

Spud's a lurker, pass it on!

Redbeard76 said...

Hey No Oprah,

I had this dream that the poofy No Oprah blogged a YouTube video that was over a minute long that had no point and a movie review that said Hillary was beautiful. No food, Beatles games, numbered lists or Hitlers were mentioned. It was the best dream I had in awhile. What's my point? I have none, No Oprah.

Lois Lane said...

To sum up:

I'm gonna go over to my blog and post another YouTube video now.

Free brownies for anyone who watches the whole thing!

cake said...

I watched it, Lois! Where are my damn brownies?

David'Z RantZ said...

2. Posting of YouTube videos is mailing it in.

If that's what the whole durned blog consists of, well then, sure, indeedy-do it is!

4. Blogging is about getting to the point.

Not mine. Oops.