Thursday, February 07, 2008

FBI Arrests 'The Greaseball,' 'Jackie the Nose,' 'Tommy Sneakers,' and 'Bobby the Jew'...

So it seems that the FBI made a sweeping arrest of numerous members of the Gambino Family....

I wish I was in the mob just to get a cool nickname.

And with this being an election year I was thinking what the mob would nickname current and former politicians.

1. 'Georgy Dimrod'

2. 'Hillary the Cackle'

3. Johnny 'Splattered Brains' Kennedy

4. Richie 'The Crook' Nixon

5. 'Rudy the Major'

6. 'No-tofu Taft'

7. Mike 'Helmethead' Dukakis

8. John 'Munster' Kerry

You get the idea....


cake said...

- Bill "Canklelover" Clinton
- Al "Greenhouse Gasbag" Gore
- Pierre "Ladykiller" Trudeau (Canadian content)

Dr, 'Zyklon-B' Nazi said...

'Rosey the Crip' (FDR)

'Ronnie the Wallbuster'

Joey News said...

Mitt the Quit

Redbeard76 said...

Gerry the Pardoner

Harry the Nuker

Herbert "Black Friday" Hoover

vomits in mouth said...

Hillary 'Untouchable' Clinton

devil with the blue dress on said...

Bill 'Uncle Stoogie' Clinton

Sparkle Plenty said...

Grover "Furry Little Monster" Cleveland

Fred "Johnny Bonk Bonks" Thompson

Redbeard76 said...

Ulysses "I'm on the 50 Dollar bill, bitches" S. Grant

Chester "Check out them sideburns" A. Arthur

Anonymous said...

Earl "Seymour" Butz

Earl "Loose Shoes" Butz

Henry "DeTente" Kissinger

"Connie the Shiv" Rice

Ron "The Grecian" Reagan

Richard "Quaker Dick" Nixon

Dick "Johnny Trigger" Cheney

John "Papa Prez" Adams

John Quincy "Baby Prez" Adams

-- Lamont "Mobster Nickname" Cranston

Lois Lane said...

Mitt "I Quit" Romney

Joe Doherty said...

I love "Mitt "I Quit" Romney"...classic!!

This reminds me of Bill Hicks description of what happens to a newly elected president:

you get escorted into a dark room filled with rich fat men puffing on cigars when one says, "roll the film." you then see the Kennedy assasination from a totally different angle...suspiciously looking like the grassy knoll). Film ends, man with cigar says, "Any questions?" "Uh...just what my agenda is..."

Redbeard76 said...

On that note- Vantage Point is coming to a theatre near you! More conspiracy theories than a loony bin full of conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

Barack "Whitey" Obama

ollie obvious said...

To sum up:

You're a three-day slackah!