Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finally.... Rebuilt and better than ever!


Sparkle Plenty said...

Happy Birthday to The Elements of Style. It continues to rock my world.*

*Yes, I do lead a dull life. However, it is a great lil' book. Packs a wallop.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

So Strunk and White walk into a bar:

BARKEEP: "What'll you have t'day?

STRUNK: "Do you mean 'What beverage would I like to consume today?"

WHITE: "Bush's Fault!"

Sparkle Plenty said...

E.B. White had the Tourette's?

Joke fix:

So Strunk and White walk into a bar:

Golf applause for Sparkle!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

So Strunk and White walk into a Barr:

STRUNK: "Hey Rosanne!"

WHITE: "That should be: 'Hello, Rosanne'

STRUNK: "Whateva...get offa my ass!"

retarded bowler said...

You two do know that that's a picture of the Twin Towers and not Strunk and White, correct?

Sparkle Plenty said...

IANO: Nyuk nyuk nyuk! Golf applause for IANO!

RB: No. I believe that Strunk is on the left.

Cake said...

Strunk and White walk into a bar.

BARKEEP: ::polishes a glass::
STRUNK: "How are you today, fine sir?"
BARKEEP: "Good."
STRUNK: "Get him, White."
WHITE: ::bludgeons barkeep while shouting, "WELL! You're WELL! Unless you're telling us that you're a good person! FINE would be okay, too!"

Cake said...

Toss a :: on the end of that, wouldja? Thanks!

Cake said...

Nice shot of the New World Trade Center. Glad they got 'em rebuilt in time for the tenth anniversary this August!

The Confused Beatles said...

- All You Need is a Comma
- Hyphenate Me Do
- Ticket to Fly
- Eight Phrases a Week
- Don't Knock Me Down
- Polythene Participle
- Lucy in the Sky with Terrorists
- The Continuing Story of Bungling Brackets

Anonymous said...

Cake said...

Time for a new post, slackah.

Sparkle Plenty said...

So Strunk and White walk into a barn:

BUSTY FARMER'S DAUGHTERS: Ain't no way we ain't never gonna give you some hot lovin'!

STRUNK: You take the short one, I'll take the fat one.
WHITE: I feel faint. Double negatives! Oh, the double negatives. *swoons*
STRUNK: I hate you.