Friday, March 06, 2009

The Saul/Blonde Conundrum

So yesterday afternoon Cousin Saul makes fun of this blog because it's been stupid lately and he wants more politics (Obama bashing)

And then last night The Blonde tells me nobody comments on the blog anymore because it's too political (I've been bashing Obama too much...though it seemed fine when it was Bush) and that I should blog more about Wifey and stuff.

So what should I do?

I know...I'll have a fake conversation between Saul and The Blonde and settle this matter.

Clever, huh?

SAUL: "Obama is spending money like a drunken sailor!"

THE BLONDE: "I think I'll spend my money on that Chicken Parmigiana!"

SAUL: "If Obama gets his way we won't have any chickens left to pour parmigiana over them!"

THE BLONDE: "We should share our Chicken Parmigiana with those less fortunate!"

SAUL: "But we shouldn't be FORCED into doing so!"

THE BLONDE: "But people will starve! They're out of work!"

SAUL: "If they learned to speak English maybe they could get a job and they wouldn't have to eat my Chicken Parmigiana!"

THE BLONDE: "There is plenty of Chicken Parmigiana to go around!"

SAUL: "That's not the point! I want to have so much Chicken Parmigiana that I can't move!"


I AIN'T NO OPRAH: "This bit is going nowhere! I'll blog about whatever the heck I wanna blog about! If Saul wants to blog about Obama and his spend happy ways then by all means blog about it....and The Blonde, your hair looked awesome last night"



ME: "What do you want to watch on TV?"

WIFEY: "I don't care...whatever you want"


Sparkle Plenty said...

I decree that today is Chicken Parmigiana Day! A chicken parm in every potbelly!

P.S. Obama is spending money like a drunken sailor? He's getting tattoos and hanging out with waterfront floozies? And the liberal media isn't reporting this? SHAME!!!!
P.P.S. I really want some chicken parmigiana now.

cousin saul said...

I wish you did more blogs about Cousin Saul!

Sparkle Plenty said...

I wish you did more blogs about Cousin Saul and his Eisner Award-winning store!

(Plus: I'd pay Obama drunken sailor coin for an "IANO Siskel and Saul Ebert At the Movies" exchange. Those are always great.)

Lois Lane said...

Does Cousin Saul have a good recipe for chicken parm? What does he think would be the best movie to watch while eating chicken parm?

The world wants to know!!!!!!

In a Nutshell said...

IANO: "That movie was great!"

SAUL: "That movie was horrible."

Sparkle Plenty said...

Best movie to watch while eating chicken parm...


(Except maybe during the horse head scene.)

Wilbur said...

I love horse parmigiana!

Cake said...

I like the blog just the way it is.

And, as a Canadian and an honoured visitor to these American territories (or something), you should respect my word.

::looks sternly at Saul and The Blonde::

Cake said...

Saul: Are you going to see Watchmen? I think maybe you should do a review on your eBay blog...since, you know, you haven't done anything else there since DECEMBER 26th.

cousin saul said...

Mini-movie review:
Two weeks ago, a group of friends, including my version of Wifey, got together and watched "The Secret Life of Bees." Here's my review:
Dakota Fanning was terrific (as usual) In my opinion, she's one of the most talented young actresses in the business. Queen Latifah was surprisingly good as the loving and kind "motherly character". As an actress, Alicia Keyes is a very good singer. Jennifer Hudson (former American Idol contestant turned Academy Award Winning Actress) was okay as a mid-50s maid in the racist deep-south. The other female lead played a whack-job sister...I'm not familiar with her previous acting work so I don't know if she was good or not. Perhaps she's really nuts, so that would mean she's not really acting...I just don't know. Overall, it was a good movie, although I'm still a bit upset because my version of Wifey had told me that Queen Latifah was gonna get killed by crazy killer bees...that's why I agreed to watch it.

Cake said...

That might be my most favourite movie review yet!

limp wrist said...

Do you ever see man-movies, Saul?

cousin saul said...

Yeah...I see the "man-movies"...I just don't review many of them. I'm addicted to vintage TV shows on DVD (knowing full-well that most of them are terrible...except for Columbo.)

The Skipper said...

Saul's a huge Gilligan's Island fan -- he has his own Gilligan costume and all.

Sparkle Plenty said...



Dannon said...

Columbo sucks.

Columbo said...

Oh...I almost forgot...Just one more thing, Danno: You suck! You and your "Oh, I'm so high and mighty. Look at me! I work at the 5-0 in Hawaii--"



Oh. Forget it.

not hannity said...

::rolls eyes:: It must be tough being the only rethuglican in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

The Silver Fox said...

1. I met the Skipper and ate at his restaurant. And none of you did, I'll bet.

2. There's a Republican who lives in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, a few towns away from me. I've actually met him. His name's Joe.

The Silver Fox said...

3. I had a three-entree special at an Italian restaurant yesterday, no chicken parmigiana, but I did have chicken marsala.

The Silver Fox said...

4. I made Spam parmigiana once, after getting the idea from an episode of M*A*SH. Didn't suck.

The Silver Fox said...

What If the Beatles sang about chicken parmigiana?

1) And Your Chicken Can't Sing ('cause somebody made chicken parmigiana out of him)
2) .... [crap]

(Okay, so that wasn't such a great idea... )

Cake said...

Psstttt...Silver forgot your meds again!

Tex said...

you said Bush. heh

cousin saul said...

Here's a link to Cousin Saul's movie-review trailer for The Secret Life of Bees:

Just Sayin' said...

If only we could read a review of Watchmen as written by an Eisner Award Winner...