Sunday, March 29, 2009

The No-Name Post



Ready to go.

Obama? Nah.

Wifey? Nah.

Maybe a Hoagy story? Nah.

I know...a Writer's Block story. Those are always good.

They're not? Oh.

Maybe a surreal 1960s flashbacky acid trippy kinda thing...where mushrooms and spiro-graphs rule the world.

Too freaky?


Maybe a rant.


Maybe I'll declare myself The King of Pop-Tarts and tour the world.

Or maybe not.

Beatles Game!

Put away the Beatles Game.

Maybe a good old fashioned love letter to the Boston Red Sox...Hope Springs Eternal kinda thing?

Been done.

Biden's daughter caught on film snorting cocaine?

Freedom Tower renamed One World Trade Center?

No. And no.

Maybe I'll do it as a Dear Abby kinda thing and answer your sex questions?

'Dear Iano,

I have trouble performing....'

Nope...not gonna do that.

Maybe just a rambling diatribe on Hillary?

Now we're talking...


The Beatles said...

Welcome Back In The USSR, Kotter

cousin saul said...

So, let me get this are only going to write new blogs on your Silver Fox Blog?

The Beatles said...

Maxwell's Silver Foxy Hammer

Cake said...

Oh thank gawd!

Cake said...


Sparkle Plenty said...

It's a beautiful day in the ball's Cousin Saul stepping up for his first at-bat of the series...knuckle-baller IANO goes into his wind-up, he's looking a little rusty today...Yes, IANO's been benched for a few days, and the fans have been worried, but the pitch looks strong, and...Hoooolllllly Cowwwwwww, Cousin Saul hits a grand slam! He hit the ball with the Eisner award statue, not the bat! I don't know if that's legal, but the crowd is going wild!

To sum up: Welcome back and Cousin Saul's comment was very funny.

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