Friday, March 13, 2009

NEW FEATURE: Email with Wifey

ME: "You make me laugh."


WIFEY: "You make me laugh sometimes."


Kathy said...

you make me a week

ok, sometimes twice

L. Alf Tilithurts said...

Baby You Can Make Me Laugh
A Hard Day's Laugh
All My Laughing
Laugh in the USSR
Laugh Together
Happiness is a Warm Laugh
I'm Happy Just to Laugh with You
I'm Only Laughing
You've Got to Laugh Your Love Away

Just sayin' said...

Wow...has The Blonde EVER won.

Sparkle Plenty said...

You have not made me laugh yet, but I keep reading because some day I KNOW you'll make me laugh. Has almost happened a couple of times--close calls--corner of my mouth twitched.

Cake said...

I laughed at him once, Sparkle, but not with him...does that count?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Sure! It absolutely counts! Say, what kinda shoes do you think SWAC was wearing last night? I'm thinking tasteful tassel.

Cake said...

Definitely tassels...dark brown leather, quite shiny, with tassels.

I heard he and IANO dressed to match...isn't that cute?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Cute? Why, it's downright adorable!

But, there are serious things on my mind. Kevin Bacon has admitted he must work to recoup his Madoff losses. I have some ideas:

--"Tremors VI" (C'mon, man! Don't be too proud to rejoin the Tremors franchise!)
--"Hiploose" (Despite his artificial hip, and ignoring the encouragement of a group of small town elders who say, "Sure, we like to dance...go ahead and dance!" Ren McCormack fights to teach a town to dance...everyone learns a little something.)
--Open a chain of retro "Diners" with Guttenberg
--Join Guttenberg in making "Police Academy 8"

maddog said...

You’re funny like a clown. You amuse me.

Clinky said...

"Political" Version:

ME: "You make me laugh."


NANCY REAGAN: "You make me laugh sometimes."

Ann Onymous said...

Preach it, Sir Purrcival Sketchington!

A Chicken said...

Boc boc boc.

A Sick Chicken said...

Boc *koff koff* boc.

Dang. I need some me soup.

Colonel Sanders said...

Anyone see a chicken in here?

Just some chick said...

- I Wanna Hold Your Beak
- Peck Me Do
- Twist and Cluck
- He Ain't Henny (He's my Rooster)
- Old Brown Egg
- Laying in the Hay with Roosters
- Ob-la-cocka, ob-la-doodle-doo!

Probably not David'z Silver Fox said...


The Silver Fox said...

(That's an uppercase "Z" there, Canucklehead.)

Canucklehead said...