Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I should have written The Brady Bunch Theme!

So here's a blog,
About a hot broad,
Who was raising three bitches (One was hot, the other two not so much)
All of them had dyed hair like their mother.
The youngest one drove me nuts with her lisp.

So here's a blog,
About a man (Not Iranian in real life) named Brady
Who was 'busy' with three 'boys' of his own
They were four men ::wink wink::
Living all together, but they were all alone (Sack up , Nancies!)

Then one day the old broad met the old dude
And they knew it was much more than a something or other
So they got married and the hot old broad quit her job and sponged off of Mike
And they formed some odd family and Mike worked way too many hours and the hot old broad got a maid and basically did nothing but drink.

And that's the way they became the Brady Bunch (Mike's last name was Brady and they had a BUNCH of kids...Brady+ Bunch= Brady Bunch.

So to sum up:
The hot old broad duped Mike into marriage and taking care of her three girls (one hot, the other two not so hot)

They also had a dog. And were 'friendly' with a butcher named Sam.


Lois Lane said...

"...and the hot old broad quit her job"

Carol Brady had a job? What was it?

I Ain't No Oprah said...

She designed pant suits.

Lois Lane said...

Ah. It all makes sense now...

cake said...

I thought she designed capri pants....I guess I'm confused.

That Carol chick sure knew how to live, though.

::quits job, starts drinking::

Alice said...

Sam the butcher always gave me nice sausage!

Redbeard76 said...

Sam really delivered the meat. Sometimes he loved delivering the meat so much he'd already be there when the Bradys woke up in the morning.

Lois Lane said...

Wait...we have to quit our jobs to start drinking during the day? Okay by me!

Sparkle Plenty said...

What about Cousin Oliver?

Lois Lane said...

Cousin Oliver drinks?

Oh, the humanity!

cake said...

Wait, I just realized that if I quit my job, I'll have no money for's a Catch 22!!!

Must go rob a bank now...

bacon ace said...

No Cake! You've seen Trailer Park Boys. You know how that ends.

cake said...

You're right.

The grow-op didn't work out for them either, did it...

So I'm back to square one. Dammit!