Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Manila Envelope Day !

Most folks think of it as Mother's Day.

But my Mom died a few years ago so now I just take the six or seven bucks I would have spent on her and go out and buy some manila envelopes.

Someday (if Al Gore gets his way) they'll do away with manila envelopes and I'll have to do something else special with the six or seven dollars.


cake not signed in said...

I just hugged a manila envelope in honour of your Mom.

(The folks in the store with me looked at me a little oddly but I say screw 'em! They're probably all fascist envelope haters or something.)

hillary said...

Nobody's voting in your poll because they all adore me. You know, because I'm so adorable. *blows a kiss*

Sparkle Plenty said...

1) How many manila envelopes?
2) I think you should just buy one manila envelope and take it out to lunch.
3) When they do away with manila envelopes, go to Foxwoods and play the slots with the $6-$7 dollars. I don't care if you're all high and mighty and only play table games. You need to play the slots, in a tribute to all mothers everywhere. Slots: The Mother's Game.

Sparkle Plenty said...

P.S. What is a manila?