Monday, May 26, 2008

Pork Chop Hill

So the other day I'm watching a movie named Pork Chop Hill about the Korean War. More specifically....about a hill named Pork Chop (because of it's shape)

Both the Koreans and Americans want said Pork Chop Hill. So they battle over it.

Pork Chop Hill.

Here is some of the dialogue from the movie PORK CHOP HILL:

-"We need Pork Chop"

-"I want Pork Chop"

-"We must defend Pork Chop"

-"We need supplies on Pork Chop"

-"We're taking lots of casualities on Pork Chop"

-I'm the commander of Pork Chop"

-"There is no need for Pork Chop"

-"Pork Chop will be ours."

-"We'll fight to the end for Pork Chop"

-"They want Pork Chop, also"

-"Just move fast up Pork Chop"

-"Why do we need Pork Chop?"

-"You will die on Pork Chop"

-"I will not die on Pork Chop"

-"We've suffered numerous casualities on Pork Chop"

-"We need ammo, water, and supplies on Pork Chop"

-"We MUST keep Pork Chop"

-We CAN'T lose Pork Chop"

-"Surrender Pork Chop!"

-"To die on Pork Chop"

-"Our orders are to defend Pork Chop"

-"There are 125 of us on Pork Chop"

-"There are 63 left of us on Pork Chop"

-"23 soldiers remain on Pork Chop"

-"Wouldn't you rather be home than on Pork Chop?"

-"Wouldn't you rather be with your loved ones than on Pork Chop?"

-"I can't just leave my buddy dead on Pork Chop!"

-"My buddy is dead on Pork Chop!"

-"They forgeotten about us all here on Pork Chop"

And on and on.

Now with dialogue like that (a few I paraphrased from memory) you think the movie isn't all that good.

But it is.

Now what you're probably thinking is that at this point I was craving pork chops. But I wasn't.

Wanna know why?

Because every time they said 'Pork Chop' I made myself hear 'Fried Chicken'

And now I'm craving fried chicken.

And some mashed potatoes.

And gravy.

And pork chops.


I would vacation in Korea if they had a place called Fried Chicken Hill


Lois Lane said...

I've never seen this movie. Does it star Homer Simpson?

Redbeard76 said...

Good thing we didn't want any part of Fried Dog Hill.

cake said...

If there was a Scrambled Eggs and Hash Browns Hill, I bet I could conquer it singlehandedly.

Or maybe Mount Infrastructure.


Sparkle Plenty said...

1. Was Applesauce Quarry at the base of the hill?
2. I almost named Lily "Pork Chop," but why give coyotes an engraved invitation?
3. You gotta go fishing more often; your blogging mojo is without equal today.

Rover said...

All dogs should be named Pork Chop.

cake said...

"Send reinforcements! Dessert Valley is under siege!"

peter brady said...

If I had two dogs, I'd name them Pork Chop and Applesauce.

heavy helen said...

This blog always makes me hungry.

My thighs hate you.

crazy lady said...

My thighs hate chew too!