Monday, May 12, 2008

Yet another blog about capri pants.

So yesterday we're sitting around the dinner table and somehow it comes up that I don't allow Wifey to wear Capri Pants.

You'd swear I just burned down the Warsaw Ghetto.

Oldest daughter who is just back from being indoctrinated into a LiberalRobot (she's back from college) couldn't BELIEVE that I would forbid (suggest) that Wifey not wear capri pants.


I failed to tell her that Wifey also forbids ME to wear capri pants.

So to sum up:

We're a capri-less family, well, except for Liberal College Teacher Kid who loves looking 10 pounds heavier and three inches shorter.


cake said...
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hillary said...

You can't stop me from wearing capris. I got some hot lookin' cankles to show off.

cake said...

I know capris make ya look shorter.

That's why I only wear mine with high-heels, of course.


(Okay, fine, I'm just trying to get IANO's dander up...I don't own any capris. I'm short enough as it is.)

Sparkle Plenty said...

Ooh, now that's not a big deal! If there's a no-Capri policy, you and your wife are still free to wear:

1) Clamdiggers
2) Pedal pushers
3) Toreador pants
4) Cropped pants
5) Extra-long Bermuda shorts
6) Motor scooter slacks
7) Calypso or "pirate" pants

Do you ever wear "skorts" or has your wife wisely forbidden you to do so? They can make a man look a little "hippy."

Lois Lane said...

I have no idea what "motor scooter slacks" are but I now desperately want a pair. And a pair for the husband too. And two small pairs for the kids. And two more extra tiny pairs for the cats.

And matching jaunty hats for everyone!!!

heavy helen said...

My clamdiggers are very slimming.

My Mom tells me so!!

Emilio Pucci di Barsento said...


marilyn said...

Did you just call me short and fat?

Jayne said...

I've been wearing capri pants all week and I've never felt so alive.

David'Z RantZ said...

Jayne: Yes, you felt alive, but we thought you might be dead!

[shouts toward heavens a la Jon Stewart] DAMN YOU, CAPRI PANTS!!! (Except when Mary Tyler Moore wore 'em!)

IANO: You forgot one choice for your poll: "Yes, which is why I'm voting for McCain."