Monday, February 09, 2009


It's new and I already can't stand it.

How many times a day do I have to hear it before I punch?


"My I-phone has so many cool apps!'

"Facebook has the funniest apps!"

"Plenty of apps!"

"How many new apps come with that?"

And on and on.

Apps. Apps. Tech geeks love to use the fake word apps.

It's short for applications. Clever, huh? Apps.

Commercials. Print advertisments. Apps are everywhere.


And then the other apps:

"Hey...instead of dinner let's just grab a few apps!"

"I'm not really all that hungry...let's just have an app."

"Why don't we meet for some apps and discuss!"

And on and on. Fatties love apps. Apps in this instance is for appetizers.

Fat appsholes.


So To Sum Up:

Please don't ever let me meet a fattie tech geek that is about to walk the Appalachian Trail.



the Beatles said...

Eleanor Appsby

Apps Writer

Cake said...

I've been sitting here trying to think of an APPropriate comment that IANO will APPreciate but I'm just not APParently doing so hot. Dammit!

Mick said...

Jumpin' App Flash, it's an app app app!

The Better Beatles said...

Lose Me in the App with Diamonds

Probably not Spackle said...

Cake APPropriated the comment I was going to make.

Heavy Helen said...

I like APPetizers.

Randomness said...

I effing hate those commercials. I don't even understand what the deal is, who can't figure out an effing tip?

Cake said...

Those commercials are Bush's fault, too.