Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That certain something about Coldplay

So I'm watching the Grammy Awards the other night and the band COLDPLAY comes on.

I'm sure I've heard them before but no way could I name a song or who is in the band or anything about them.

And guess what?

I thought they were fantastic. Great drummer. Cool lyrics. Guitars working nicely.

Lead singer has that Jenny Say Qua thing about him.

I'm an old guy and I'm groovin' on this hot band that the young folks dig.

I'm even thinking of buying their albums (CDs) (Ilegal downloads)

It felt great to just find some new music I like instead of just always listening to favs from the 1970s and 1980s.

And then Wifey spoke:

WIFEY: "Gywenth Paltrow is married to the singer"



I wish there was some new music I could listen to. Now that COLDPLAY is dead to me.


I'm naming my band JENNY SAY QUA?

Because I'm cool like that.


Lois Lane said...

Oooh, I can make you hate Coldplay even more.

Guess what's the name of the lead singer and Gweneth's kid?


I Ain't No Oprah said...

Apple Hillary Paltrow.

Randomness said...

"Jenny Say Qua"

That line was hilarious as I am currently listening to a french language cd.

"Je ne comprende pas"

Cake said...

I can hook ya up, IANO...my cell phone provider just sent me this note:

"Looking for Coldplay's newest hit? Download video clips, music, awesome games and more at Fido Shop. And browsing is always free!"

Jenny? said...


Gwyenth said...

Why the hate??

mulderjoe said...

IANO: "I'm even thinking of buying their albums"

Holy crap. What is WRONG with you? Have all those years of listening to the Stones and Bruce Springsteen destroyed any semblance of musical taste?!

Coldplay is crap. They write music that is just plain embarrassing to listen to.

You should just put a dress on and get it over with.

Btw, do you really not like Gywenethehshefaq Paltrow? She definitely had a Jenny Say Qua about her.

(I say "had" cause she married some d-bag from a crap band).

Yerso Lame said...

IANO: "I'm even thinking of buying their albums"

Time to hand in your penis