Friday, February 20, 2009

From some article that I read somewhere today about political cartoons

"All my characters look simian," he said. "I don't make Obama look nearly as simian as our former governor Mike James, who I DID draw as a monkey, on more than one occasion. And he's a white guy ... I'm sorry, but when it comes to African-Americans, you just don't draw monkeys."


Sparkle Plenty said...


John Lennon said...

Who knew I had so much in common with Obama!?{3DD6AD26-FF90-4AE5-8CBB-4291859B0A46}&dist=msr_2

Janet said...

Ok....I'm totally out of the loop now. And I don't have clue what IANO is talking about here.

But I did have the most mentally retarded date the other night...interested in the details Sparkle???

Sparkle Plenty said...

TOTALLY! SPILL! Or, perhaps I'll hotfoot it over to JanetLand to see if said mentally retarded date is detailed in full!

Anonymous said...

Janet said...

Ok Sparkle....First of all, JanetLand is a very strange place-I HAVE to live here, but I wouldn't advise a visit.

Date: Janet escapes from home and goes out to dinner with Seemingly Nice Male. All goes well.

Then Seemingly Nice Male decides we should go to two new places, the last of which he had texted a couple of gal pals to meet us-the gal pals and I found this situation a little bit weird, and after they left Seemingly Nice Guy proceeded to flirt openly with the married bartenderess. She and I are both bewildered.

Janet then decides to leave before she chokes Seemingly Nice Guy.

At least I brought my own car and he picked up the tab for the ultimate retard date.

So I went to dinner and the movies with my girls tonight-they were far better dates.